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Created by lovers of the game, The 5Aside Mobile App puts all the tools you need to; manage, organize and play, 5 aside football, under one roof.

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Head over to the My Account page to register yourself, then, head over to the Groups page and create your group ready for go live. Get the whole group involved so you're all ready to go!
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Grab your phones and get ready to play.

All the tools you need, under one roof.

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Future Goals

5Aside Roadmap

Even though Launch is just around the corner, we’re still looking far into the future for 5Aside and what we want to develop as we move forward.

Although we have our own plans for the future of 5Aside, it has always been in the knowledge that it’s you, the players, that will drive it forward.

With this in mind, there will be plenty of opportunities for you to have your say on which direction we head in from time-to-time, as it’s the community that will use 5Aside day in and day out, it only makes sense!

Below is our RoadMap on where we are now, and where we plan 5Aside to head over the coming year.


Meet The Team



Always curiously questioning if something can be done better or if a process can be made easier, it's this way of thinking that started the ball rolling on the passion project that is 5Aside


Head of Design
Sydney is the brains behind our awesome housestyle and epic 5Aside Logo. However bad our sketch or pitch, given an hour in Sydneys hands and the idea has come to life!


Business & Partnership Relations Manager
A well experianced BPRM will help us increase our offering to players.

They will focus on everything from; bringing new venues on board, to acquiring new perks for our players through strengthening our ongoing customer relationships.


Social Media Manager
Our Social Media Manager would be taking up the mantle and ensuring players are engaged each day, there will always be something to shout about.

The SMM will be involved a lot with the community and will look to engage them with news of upcoming changes, giveaways & competitions to get involved in.


Event Organiser
Our Events Organiser will work very closely with both our Social Media Manager and our BPRM to run awesome events that you'll not want to miss!

FAQ Questions Thoughts Queries Collection

In our FAQ section you’ll, hopefully, find the answers to your questions, but if you don’t please contact us via [email protected] with your query and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible


Yes, yes it will.

There will be a transfer window when we will upload all groups created ahead of launch.

You can also create as many groups as you like as we know many of you play more than once a week.

October 3rd, 2023 – Set the date and watch this space!

Short Answer, No. At least not yet…

You can book Venues directly through the 5Aside app for the venue providers that are officially onboard with us, or directly through your venue providers website.

Our main focus is the 5Aside app, so making sure booking via that is a priority for us. Should feedback from the community be that you would also like this functionalty built into our website, then that’s something we’ll look into too.

For now, head over to our Venues page for a list of all the current venues onboard with us. Click on your local venue and on the details page you’ll see we’ve left a link that will take you directly to that venues booking page, nice and handy!

If you play at a venue and it isn’t listed, you can manually upload your games so you can contiune to use all the nifty tools of our app, just remember though, when you enter a match on our app that’s at a venue not an officially listed with us, you are NOT creating a booking – always remember to book directly with your venue provider/host.

We’re always looking to expand our venue list so if yours isn’t listed, get in touch with us via [email protected] and tell us the name of the venue, location or the provider andour team will get in touch with them to see what we can do!

For any issues relating to venues, please contact the venue directly.

We’re ensuring that all venues listed on our app will have either a contact number and/or email address so you can always get in touch with them directly and quickly, instead of having to go searching.

Currently no, but we’re working on it. There are ongoing conversations with a couple of sports equipment providers to see if we can offer discounts on items such as:
  • Bibs
  • Cones
  • Balls
  • Training Equipment
  • ..and more
We will be letting you know more about this over the next couple of months, we think it would be great if you could quickly and conveniently buy what you need straight after your match while you’re there with the squad.

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Use the filters to sift through our articles, or, find our full list of Artilces via our News Page.

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It’s Time To Find Your Home Ground!

February 16, 2023/

New Venue! As we gear up for go live, you can now start to look to see all the venues we currently have on board with us. You can continue to book your venue directly via the Venue…

Have Your Say

February 15, 2023/

As we progress with development we want to ensure we've moving in the right direction. Click on this article and cast your vote for what you would like to see us working on next!

5Aside Partners With Spized

April 27, 2022/

5Aside Partners With Spized Spized enables all teams to get what otherwise only the absolute professional teams get: Jerseys in your own design! A design that only fits to your team and no one elses! With the best…

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