Home Page

The Home page is what you would expect a home page to be.

It shows you a summary of your Home and Away games coming up for the current week.

Home Games: Matches that are scheduled with the Groups you are a part of.

Away Games: Matches that you are scheduled to play in, for groups you are not a part of.

You can also see Featured News items and a summary of your Achievements.

My Profile

When you Sign-Up you'll get your very own profile, found under 'My Profile'.

From your Profile you can:

  • Pick an avatar from our current selection
  • Set your own personal Home Ground
  • Change your Contact Details & Preferences
  • Set your Age Bracket so you can match with players of a similar skill & fitness

My Teams

Once you've signed up to 5Aside, head over to the 'My Teams' page to create your Group.

You can be apart of, and create, as may Groups as you like.

We know some of you like to play at least three times a week so the My Teams page will put you a touch away from all your differen't squads.

Group Info

Inside each Group, you will be able to see all the players that are a part of that Group, as well as the Upcoming Match, Future Matches, and all Past Matches too. Admins can use the match history to keep a track of who has paid what Subs too, making it easier to see who owes what pennies!

After a game has finished, the Group Admins can head to your Groups match history and enter the goal scorers for the game, and then save the stats. After the goals have been entered, the rest of the team can view the match stats, as well as vote for their Man Of The Match (if the Group have decided to have this enabled).

Settings such as the points gained for a Win, Loss and Draw can all be edited. As well as being able to toggle if the leaderboard is visible or not to the Group. Some Groups will have the Leaderboard disabled if players start to take it a bit too seriously!

Search: Look for Players

If your team is short on players for the up coming match, fear not, there's still hope.

One of your Group Admins can open the match up to the wider 5Aside community. The Admins can also set how many players you're looking for, an then they can review anyone that puts their name forward.

The Match will be visible to any 5Aside players that have set their Home Ground to the same Home Ground as your Group.

After the Match is over, if you enjoyed meeting new players, feel free to share your Group QR Code with them and make them a more permanent member of your team!

News Feed

The News Feed is where we will keep you up to date with the latest information regarding 5Aside and our Partners.

We'll also use the News Feed to host polls so that we can ask you the Players, for feedback on current features and functionality, as well as asking for your votes on what you'd like to see us add to the app in the next major update. For things like this, we will usually make sure it's a Featured News Article visible on the Home Page


The Support page is where you can get in touch with us to:

  • Report a Bug
  • General Support
  • Suggest Improvements/ Provide Feedback

Search: Look for Groups

Once a Group opens their game up to their Home Ground, you can put your name forward and offer to fill in for the spaces the team needs.

Once Accepted by the Group Admin, you'll be able to find the Game in your 'Away Games' on both the Home page and the My Teams page.

If the Group doesn't Accept you, don't be discouraged, there's a very good chance it's because other players beat you to the spot!

Keep looking and helping Groups out where they need it. Before long, you'll be making friends with the Teams on the pitches you've been playing next to for weeks.


To give back to our community, we'll host Giveaways every so often as our way of saying thank you.

Our Giveaways will give you the chance to win something pretty neat things.

Keep an eye out for our Giveaways, as any Giveaways ran by 5Aside will be completely FREE to enter, so it's a win-win! 

Get Ready For Go Live Not Long Until Kick-Off

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