5Aside Partners With Spized

Spized enables all teams to get what otherwise only the absolute professional teams get: Jerseys in your own design! A design that only fits to your team and no one elses!

With the best 3D configurator on the market you become designers yourself and can choose from more than 6 million variations. Want to creat yours? Lets go!

Simply click on the banner/ logo above and it will take you directly to the Spized Website. Take a look around and get an idea of the becautiful designs you could create. Be inspired and get bold, don’t be afraid to let your creativity run wild.

If you create something awesome, and we know it will be, be sure to click ‘Other‘ when asked how you found out about Spized and just pop “5Aside” in the box for us, it would mean an awful lot to us! On top of that, be sure to tag our 5Aside Facebook Group when you post a picture showing your squad suited and booted – we’d love to see what you guys & gals come up with!

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